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Pinnacle Passport Service

The idea of a Pinnacle Passport is to offer an enhanced, guaranteed service provision for peace of mind to Personal Assistants and others who sometimes need that extra responsiveness. Utilising Pinnacle’s own national network of cars, but supported further by a group of preferred suppliers (we call Pinnacle Partners), we are able to extend our service promise.

The charge for Pinnacle Passport is as a ‘retainer’ fee. Additionally, a charge would be made for the actual journey, which would be in line with the normal cost of our service to you.  The Pinnacle Passport ‘retainer’ fee is detailed below, along with the associated scope.  If you have any further questions, do let us know. If you would like to take  advantage of this service, we just need a clear statement from you by email and we would raise the charge through an invoice in the normal way. We would then keep this in place until such time as you cancel the service or until we invite you to renew the service in 12 months from its start date.

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