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Knocked For Six !

When the International Cricket Council were looking for a safe pair of hands to catch their chauffeur transport commitments during this summer’s ICC Champions Trophy 2013 they again chose Pinnacle – who incidentally covered their ICC World Twenty20 Tournament requirements in 2009.


Importantly, for such an event, there was a great deal of pre-planning and Pinnacle devoted as much time as was needed to the client so everyone was clear of the itinerary and able to flex with the changes.


Pinnacle used the greater portion of its chauffeurs at some point or another to cater for the various VIP transport needs between the three host cities of London, Cardiff and Birmingham, as well as inbound airport collections and final departures.


“Obviously proud to be once again chosen by the ICC to fulfill these important transport needs – we were most pleased we were able to undertake every last minute change and addition” remarked Carole Langley from Pinnacle Chauffeur Transport.